Trusted Store

Trusted Stores

Trusted stores on Wish are stores that have a low counterfeit rate. Products in trusted stores get more exposure and do not require review to be available for sale. Trusted stores must maintain a counterfeit rate of under 0.5% in order to continue to be a trusted store. 

Don't worry if your store did not pass the review for counterfeits, existing products will not be affected. However, unreviewed products will get little to no exposure. 


How does a store become a Trusted Store?

Stores are reviewed for counterfeits. Refer to your merchant home page to see the status of the review. Your store is in one of the following states:

  • Trusted Store: your store has successfully passed the counterfeit review
  • Pending Counterfeit Review: your store is currently under review
  • Counterfeit Review Failed: your store did not pass the review for counterfeits. Existing products in your store will not be affected.


How do I speed up the review process?

  • Do not upload counterfeit products, only stores with a low counterfeit rate will pass the review
  • Upload more products to your store. A store cannot be reviewed until it has at least 10 unreviewed, active products


How do I become a Trusted Store if my store did not pass counterfeit reviews?

  1. If you have received counterfeit infractions for your products, resolve the infractions by submitting the required brand authorization. Your infractions are considered resolved when a Wish administrator has approved the infraction.
  2. Product listings should not contain names of brands that you are not authorized to sell. Update product listing to remove the brand names.
  3. Disable all unreviewed counterfeit product from your store. Refer to for examples of products that are deemed prohibited.
  4. Submit for review again by clicking the button “Review for Counterfeits” in your merchant home page. It is important that you have completed steps  1 - 3 before submitting for review again. If steps 1 - 3 are not completed, your store will not pass the review and you must wait an increasing amount of time before you are able to submit again.


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