What is Wish's Damaged Item Policy?

Merchants will be penalized for shipping damaged items

Product quality is important to Wish customers. Customers expect to receive items in good condition that match their product listing.

Most Wish merchants work hard to provide quality products to customers; however there are a very small percentage of negligent merchants on Wish that ship damaged products to their customers.

Damaged Item Policy:

The merchant is responsible for 100% of the cost of the refund if the user requested a refund because the item is damaged.

Some examples of damaged products:

  • Tears in fabrics

  • Scratches on electronics or jewelry

  • Part of the product is missing

  • Item is not assembled properly

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It is the merchant’s responsibility to make sure the product:

  • matches listing

  • is packaged properly

  • does not have manufacturing defects such as tears, cuts, scratches and etc.

  • contains all parts and assembled properly





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