Invalid Image

This error occurred because one or more of the image links in your feed file is invalid. Make sure that all image links are image URLs. This is a link to the image — not the web page the image is on. We accept JPEG or GIF format.

Tip: If your images don't exist online, you can upload them to an image-hosting site like imgur or Photobucket first and then get the image URL from there.

Troubleshoot this issue: getting the Image URL depends on your web browser: 

  • In Google Chrome (shown above), select "Copy Image URL." 
  • In Safari, select "Copy Image Address." 
  • In Internet Explorer, select "Properties." Then, highlight the address under "Address (URL)" and copy (Ctrl+C). 
  • In Mozilla Firefox, select "Copy Image Location." 

Once you've copied the image URL, you can paste the link and upload to Wish! Make sure that your image URL begins with "http://" and not "https://," as we cannot upload the latter to Wish. If if it starts with "https://," you can simply remove the extra "s" in the image URL.

If you want to make sure your image URL is correct (and not the webpage URL), paste it into the URL bar at the top of your browser. Press "Enter" and the link should take you to a page with just the image.


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