Wish Brand Partners - Takedown Requests

Submitting a takedown request

Log into your account and select “Submit Takedown Request” from the “Takedown Requests” menu in your navigation bar.

On the create takedown request page, provide the following details:

Title (required): Include a short title for your takedown request
Infringing URLs (required): Submit URLs to Wish product listings which infringe on your intellectual property.
Additional Details (optional): Provide us any notes you want us to see.

Once you submit the takedown request we will remove the listings that infringe your intellectual property. If we believe a product does not infringe on your intellectual property we will email you and the product will be re-enabled.


Tracking takedown requests

You can track the status of your past takedown requests by using the “History” page in the “Takedown Requests” menu of your navigation bar.

Here you will see the details of all your existing takedown requests. For each, you are given the following details:

Title: The title you provided when you created the created

Date Submitted: The date on which the takedown request was submitted

Number of Products: The number of products included in the takedown request

Current Status: The status of the request, either Processing or Complete

Date Completed: Only for takedown requests with a status of Complete

Confirmed Counterfeits: The number of products which we agreed were counterfeit

Not Counterfeit: The number of products which we determined were not counterfeit

Pending Review: The number of products waiting to be reviewed


For completed requests, you have the option to download a spreadsheet (.xlsx file) detailing the results.

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