Wish Brand Partners - Application Process

Submitting your application

Navigate to to start your application. 

In this section, you will be required to provide the name of your brand and two documents. 

1. Proof of Authorization: This must be a document which proves that you are authorized to act on behalf of the intellectual property.
2. Proof of Intellectual Property: This is a document which proves the registration of the copyright, patent or trademark.

It is important that the documents you provide serve as complete and unambiguous proof. If you provide documents which are insufficient, this may result in significant delays in the processing of your application.


Next you will complete the Account Information section.

Name: Make sure that the name you provide is written exactly as it is in your proof of authorization document. 
Email: Using an email address associated with your brand will help expedite your application (Example: Use instead of

Next you will complete the contact information section.

To expedite your application, ensure that the contact information you provide matches the information in the documents you provided. 


To finish your application, accept the terms and conditions and click the submit button.

Verify your email

Once you have submitted your application, you will be required to verify the email address and phone number you provided. Check your inbox and spam folders for an email from Wish.

Open the email and click the “Confirm Your Email” button. 


If you cannot find the email, log into with the credentials you created in the last step and ensure that the email you provided is correct, and click “Resend Email”. Please check your spam folder if this email hasn’t arrived within 20 minutes.

Verify your phone number


Once you have verified your email, log into to verify your phone.

If the phone number you provided has SMS (text messaging) capabilities, then click the Send code button a code will be sent to your phone. 


If your phone does not have SMS capabilities, select the “Don’t have a mobile phone?” option to receive your code in a phone call instead.

Account review

If you see the message shown below, then your application has been successfully submitted. We will contact you shortly to verify your account.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact

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