What Happens After a Customer Places an Order?

Here's what happens when a customer places an order:

1. A customer places an order.
A customer selects your product, taps the Buy button, and completes the check out process. The customer provides payment and shipping information. 

2. Wish begins processing the order information. 
The order is now processing (a customer's payment is passed through a third party service to protect their privacy). The quantity available for the listing is decreased and if inventory reaches zero, that item will be shown as "Sold Out".

3. Wish verifies the order.
Wish attempts to validate the customer's payment method and order details. At this step, the order may be declined if their payment cannot be processed. In order to allow for any cancellations or for a fraud review, we hold onto the order for 8 hours before it appears in your Action Required queue on the dashboard. Wish may place the order under review if it triggers our automatic fraud filters. 

It is important to only fulfill orders that appear in your Action Required queue. The order may disappear from this queue if our fraud team needs more time to review it (at which time we'll notify you), but it can also reappear later if it passes the review.

4. Wish sends an order notification to the merchant. 
Wish sends a "New Transactions" email to you and adds the order to your Action Required queue on the Wish Merchant Dashboard. The order should have all the information you need to fulfill the order: product variation (if any), customer name, and shipping address. 

5. The merchant fulfills the order. 
The merchant will need to fulfill the order within 7 days of the order date. You may choose to contact the customer if you need additional information to fulfill the order.

6. The merchant ships the order. 
You mark the order as shipped on the Wish Merchant Dashboard. A tracking ID is not required, but it will ensure that you get paid promptly for the order. Orders shipped without valid tracking information will be held accountable for any refunds related to late or missing deliveries. 

7. Wish confirms the shipment. 
If you provide a tracking ID, Wish will be able to confirm your shipment within several days of your shipment date. We will make your order eligible for your next schedule payment date. If you do not provide a tracking ID, Wish will not be able to confirm your shipment and your order will be eligible for payment much later.

8. Wish passes funds to the merchant for the customer's order.
Wish credits the funds generated from the order (subracting fees related to merchant misconduct) to the payment account you have specified. This is done on an automated schedule, so you will get paid for any eligible orders on a regular basis. Only eligible orders will be paid.

9. The customer receives the order.

10. Wish asks the customer to provide feedback about the service provided by the merchant.

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