How do I export order information?

This article explains how to export order information from the Merchant Dashboard. You may want to export order information if you use an outside service (such as ShipStation) to fulfill your orders.

Locate Orders

If you are looking for orders to ship, start at Action Required. From the top nav bar, select Transactions > Action Required. This will take you to If you are looking for shipped orders, go to History. From the top nav bar, select Transactions > History. This will take you to

Choose the Orders to Export

There are a few ways to choose which orders to export.

1) Sort the orders by Last Updated or Date
Sorting the orders by Last Updated will display the order you most recently placed/most recently shipped at the top of the list. Toggling this option will reverse this list to show the oldest orders or the oldest shipments. Sorting the orders by Date will display the most recent order at the top of the list. Clicking this option will reverse that order, showing the oldest order at the top of the list. Here is where you can toggle these options:

Once you sort your orders, you can control how many rows (transactions) you want to export. This is where you can choose how many rows to export:

Please note that you may have to limit your CSV to a few hundred rows at a time when you are exporting order information.

2) Choose the dates of the orders

You can choose to export all the orders in a certain time frame, such as all the orders from the past two weeks. Click on the Filter Transactions button. This will display a window that allows you to designate a certain time frame for the orders you wish to export.

Click on the blue Apply button to filter the transactions. Now you're ready to export!

Export Orders

Click on the Export CSV button. This button will show you how many rows (transactions) you will be exporting in your file:

Once you click this button, a CSV will automatically be downloaded to your computer. You can open this file with Google Drive or with a program like Microsoft Excel. You can also use this file to upload to an outside service such as ShipStation to help you keep track of all your orders.

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