How do I fulfill my orders?

Hooray, you got an order! This node will explain how to fulfill your orders. We ask that merchants fulfill their orders in one to five business days so that they can provide a timely service for our users.

Please note: Orders not shipped within seven (7) days are automatically refunded by Wish to ensure the best customer experience. You must provide a valid tracking ID in order to get paid for fulfilling your order.

See Wish's payment policy here.


We will notify you once a day when you have new orders to fulfill. This notification will arrive via email to the address you provided. When you login to the Merchant Dashboard, you will also see a red notification by the Transactions tab. The number indicates the number of transactions that are new/unacknowledged or have not yet been shipped: 


Marked as Shipped
Orders awaiting fulfillment are listed on the Action Required page. Here, you can view order details, contact the user, edit the shipping address, and mark the order as shipped. Orders that are not shipped within 7 days are refunded automatically by Wish. From the top navigation bar, click on Transactions > Action Required to go to your new orders. This will take you to

Mark Individual Transactions as Shipped

To mark an individual order as shipped, find the order you want, click on the Action button at the end of the row, and select Ship:

This will reveal a window from which you may select your shipping provider and input a tracking number:

Click on the blue Save button to mark the order as shipped. This action will send a notification to the user letting them know (1) their product has been shipped and (2) their tracking information. 

Manually Mark Multiple Transactions as Shipped
You can also mark multiple transactions "Shipped" at one time. Select the transactions you would like to mark as shipped:

Then click on "Ship Selected" at the top of the Action Required page:

A window will open, allowing you to input tracking information for multiple orders. Double-check to make sure that you're inputting the correct tracking ID for the corresponding transaction!

Once you're finished, click "Ship All", and you're done!

You do not need to contact the user with their tracking number or tracking link. Once an order is marked as shipped, it will move from Action Required to History. To see your shipped orders, click on Transactions > History from the top navigation bar. This will take you to

Mark Multiple Transactions as Shipped with a Feed File

For merchants who receive a large number of orders each day, you can mark your orders as shipped using a feed file. Before you begin this process, you will need a CSV of your orders you are fulfilling. Click here to learn how to export your order information from the Wish Merchant Dashboard. 

From the top nav bar on the Merchant Dashboard, go to Orders > Fulfill Orders > Feed File. This will take you to

When you upload your CSV, you will need each row to include the Order ID and the shipping provider for that order. If you are supplying tracking information, you can also include the tracking number in the row for the appropriate order.

Once you upload your CSV, you will need to map your attributes to those recognized by Wish:

You will be able to preview your fulfillment information during this mapping step. Please use this time to double-check that your information appears correct. Click on the blue Submit button to import your feed to Wish. 

After submitting your feed file, you can check the status of this import job by going to Orders > Fulfillment File Status. This will take you to

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