What information do I see for my orders?

Here we will explain what you're looking at when you review your transactions from the Merchant Dashboard. To view new transactions, go to Transactions > Action Required (



(from left to right)


This is the date the transaction was made. Note that the date is based on a UTC timestamp—it is not localized to your timezone. You can toggle the blue arrow by this specification to order your transactions by the date they were made. 

Order ID

This is the unique identifier we assign to each item in a transaction. This allows you to differentiate multiple items in a single transaction. For example, if a customer purchases two items in one transaction, the two items would have unique Order IDs and the same Transaction ID. 

Transaction ID

This is the unique identifier we assign to the transaction. Clicking on this ID will reveal another view of the transaction.


This tells you through what medium the transaction was made. If the transaction was done on the website, this will say "Web." If the transaction came from our mobile app, this will say "iPhone", "iPad", or "Android". 

View Product

This is the unique identifier we assign to your product. Clicking on this link will reveal more information about the product, such as product name and link to the product page:


This is where you can find size or color information for the products in the transaction if applicable. 


This is the amount the user paid for the product. 


This is what Wish will pay you for this transaction, with the shipping delineated in parentheses. 


This is the number of products in the transaction. 

Total Cost

This is the total that Wish will pay you for this transaction. 

Ship to 

This shows the person and the address the order will ship to. Clicking on "view" will reveal a window with name, address, and phone number. 

Is Gift

This lets you know if the person who bought the item is the same person that the item should be shipped to, or if the item is a gift.


Click on the Actions button to see a drop-down menu. If you are viewing your Action Required transactions, from here you can mark the order as shipped, refund the order, contact the user, or edit the shipping address:


Click on the View button to open a window with all of the transaction information displayed.

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