How do I find my Chinese bank's branch name for 易联支付(PayEco)?

In order to setup 易联支付 (PayEco) payment, you'll need to select the your bank's branch name from a dropdown list of branch names.

To find your bank's branch name efficiently, you'll want to start with the most distinguishable, unique part of the full branch name. It is usually the street or the area that the branch is on.

For example: 
for 招商银行股份有限公司深圳科苑支行, the unique part is 科苑.

for 中国建设银行杭州文三路支行, the unique part is 文三路.

If your branch name doesn't have a street component, start with the smallest administrative regions of the branch name and work your way up. In other words, try the region/city first, then province, and so on.

For example: 
for 中国银行厦门市集美支行, the region/city part is 集美.

for 中国银行泉州分行, the region/city part is 泉州.

You are done once you see your branch name in the dropdown.

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