How do I edit products I've already uploaded to Wish?

Do you need to make changes to products that you've already uploaded to Wish? Using the Edit Products tool, you can edit your products' attributes such as price, shipping, quantity, and more. 

An attribute can be:
  • Quantity
  • MSRP
  • Price
  • Cost
  • Shipping
  • Shipping Time
  • Size
  • Color
  • Main Image URL

You can also use this feed to:
  • Enable
  • Disable
First, create a simple .csv product feed file. You must include the Unique Id (or SKU) for each item you wish to update. This goes in the required Unique Id column. Next, add columns for the attributes you wish to edit. You can include as many columns as you need, depending on the Unique Ids what you want to update. Updating One Attribute
For the sake of example, let's say you want to update the inventory for multiple items. Your feed will be set up like this:

It's that simple. One column for Unique Id and one for Quantity. Once the feed is created and saved as a .csv, go to Products > Edit Products > Feed File. This page provides helpful information about uploading. Under "Feed Specification", you can click on any attribute for more information.

When you are ready to upload your feed file, scroll down to "Upload Your Feed File".

Select your file and click Submit. You can update any attribute the same way. Just switch out the "Quantity" column for a column with another one of the Optional Attributes. Replace "Quantity" with the other attribute as the title of the second column (make sure to always include the Unique Id column!) and input the relevant information. Updating Multiple Attributes at Once
What if you want to edit inventory for some products, but you also need to change the shipping cost and price for some? You can do it all at once. Start with the required Unique ID column and then go on to add as many attributes (columns) as you need.

The feed you create may look something like the feed below. We added the Unique Id column plus a column for Quantity, Shipping, and Price. No need to fill out all columns for each Unique Id. Just input the information you want to change in the appropriate column. All other information attached to that Unique Id will stay the same.

In the above example, Unique Id ABC-124 will stay the same on Wish except its price will change to $8 and its inventory will be updated to 75. Unique Id ABC-127's price will change from whatever it was to $39.99, etc.

After you're finished creating the feed, go to Products > Edit Products > Feed File, select your file, and click Submit. Your products have been successfully edited!
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