Can Wish remove ratings?

Customers who have purchased products from your store are given the opportunity to rate their experience. This rating could be based on anything from customer service to product quality to delivery time.

These ratings cannot be removed. However, you do have the option of replying to the rating and/or contact the user. This can be done under Reviews on the Merchant Dashboard. 

Instead of focusing on ratings, commit to fast fulfillment, quality products, and excellent customer service.

  • Answer Support Tickets as quickly as possible.
  • Make sure your products have relevant information in the description and title. Measurements, washing instructions, and material(s) are all examples of good information to include.
  • Make sure your items with size or color variations have been uploaded to include drop-down menus allowing customers to choose size and/or color prior to purchase.
  • Ship items as quickly as possible (and no later than 7 days after purchase) and include a working tracking number.
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