How do I edit a single product?

If you need to edit only one product, you can easily do this from your products page on the merchant dashboard. To learn how to edit more than one item at once, click here.

Products Page
Login to the merchant dashboard and click on Products > View All Products from the top menu. This will take you to If you have a lot of products on Wish, you can search for your product. Search by SKU/Unique Id, product ID (the Wish ID), or product name. Today we will search for a Care Bears hat we're selling:

Editing Quantities

Here's how to edit quantitative attributes to your product.
Quantitative attributes include:

  • Cost
  • Price
  • Shipping Cost
  • Inventory

We are going to update our inventory for this product today. Our old inventory was 2, but now it's 15. Once we make this change, the Update button will turn blue. Click on Update to save this change:

This will reveal a success message to confirm your edit:

Once you close the window, you will see your successful edit highlighted in green:

You're done!

Editing Qualities

Here's how to edit qualitative attributes for your product.
Qualitative attributes include:

  • Product Name
  • Image URL
  • Tags
  • Description

Now that we've found the product we're going to edit, we can click on the Actions tab at the end of the row. This will give us a drop down menu. Select Edit:

Now we are going to add a new tag to this product. We've decided to add "Cute" to our product:

Once we're done editing on this screen, we can click Update. This will give us a success message:

Clicking on the product link in this message will take you to the product page on Wish where you can see your updates. Click on Close to close the window. That's it!

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