What does "revenue share" mean?

When you sell something on Wish, we pay you a percentage (a "share") of your order total whenever you make a sale on the Wish Merchant Platform. Your order total is the product's price plus its shipping cost. Wish keeps the remainder of that order total. This way, Wish doesn't charge you any money upfront and we only earn money when your products sell. The merchant agrees to this revenue share when they sign on to the Wish Merchant Platform. 

Example: Let's say that Wish has a revenue share of 85/15. You tell us the price for an item is $8.00 and the shipping cost is $2.00. Wish will pay you $8.50 total for the sale of this item: 85% of $10.

Tip: You can calculate your payment for any item by multiplying the item's price plus its shipping cost by your revenue share percentage.

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