What are support tickets?

Support tickets facilitate communication between you and the customer. Sellers on Wish are expected to provide customer service through the Support Ticket system on the Wish Merchant Dashboard. 

A user may open a support ticket so they can contact you about the order they made. This ticket will show up under Support Tickets > Action Required. A user may contact you for the following reasons:

  • to change a size or color
  • to remove an item from their order
  • to change the shipping address
  • to inquire about the status of their order
  • to request tracking/shipping information
  • to report a defective, damaged, or missing item in their order
  • to initiate a return, exchange, or refund of their order (If a user needs to cancel an order or requests a refund, the Wish Customer Service Team will take care of this for both the user and the merchant.)

After you've replied to a support ticket, it can be found under Support Tickets > Awaiting User

After the issue is resolved and the ticket has been closed by you or the customer, it will go to Support Tickets > Closed.

Wish believes in its merchants and encourages merchants to resolve their own customer service issues according to their store policies. Since the transaction is between the merchant and the user, Wish will only intervene in a customer service matter if it cannot be or has not already been resolved by the merchant.

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