What is Wish's payment policy?

Any order that is refunded before the supplier has fulfilled it is not eligible for payment. 

The following must be done within 7 days of the order date in order to be paid for that order:

  1. Fulfill the approved ("unrefunded") order.
  2. Mark the approved order as shipped.
  3. Provide a valid tracking ID for the approved order.

An approved order is any order that is not refunded and has not yet been shipped. If the supplier completes these three steps, they will be paid for the order.

If the order is refunded before the supplier is able to complete these steps, they will not be paid for the order. It is the supplier's responsibility to ensure that an order they are fulfilling is not refunded, as Wish sends the supplier an email notification as soon as an approved order is refunded. Suppliers, therefore, should not fulfill orders that have been refunded, as they will not be paid if the refund has occurred before fulfillment is complete.

To ensure you get paid for your orders, please fulfill your order as soon as possible following the steps outlined above.

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