How do I improve my ticket ratio?

Your ticket ratio in your Customer Service Performance tab is a percentage created by showing how many support tickets are submitted to your store verses how many items are purchased from your store. Wish strongly advises that when support tickets are created, stores answer promptly, courteously and accurately. 

Ideally, a good Wish merchant will have a low ticket ratio. Having a low ticket ratio indicates that users have all their question about an item answered by reading the item description. To keep a low ticket ratio, Wish merchants should follow the guidelines below:

  • Have sizing information included in the item order process, rather than requesting users to submit sizes or colors. (You can learn how to do this here.)
  • Have accurate sizing information, including measurements listed in centimeters
  • Promptly ship items and ensure that they will arrive on time
  • Maintain a low shipping cost
  • Include accurate tracking information

Additionally, please keep in mind that any store not responding to their support tickets, responding rudely or responding with inaccurate information, will result in disciplinary action which may include having your Wish store disabled. 

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