What should be included in my product listing in order to increase sales?

One key element of being a successful merchant on Wish is having accurate and precise listings on all of your items. While suggesting that your product may have superior quality may lead to a small burst in sales, this is a very damaging tactic over the long term. Customers who purchase and receive items that do not match the product description will ask for refunds, damaging the store's refund rating and may result in your store to be suspended from selling on Wish.

Stores that have accurate and precise listings for their items, however, will benefit over the short term as well as the long term in two main ways:

  1. When a customer receives the item they bought, they receive the item they saw in the picture. This will lead to fewer returns and encourage customers to purchase from your store again the next time they shop on Wish.
  2. Customers will leave positive reviews for the item, which will then lead to increased views and exposure for your products.
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