How do I add a product manually?

You can add products manually (as opposed to uploading them using a product feed) through the Merchant Dashboard Add Products Manual page.

Log in to your merchant account at From the top menu, click Products > Add New Products > Manual. This will take you to

Enter Product's Basic Information

Fill in all the basic information for this product including name, description, tags and unique product ID. Clicking on the question mark by the field name will pop up with more information about what to enter into that field. You can add up to 10 tags for your product—the more tags, the easier it will be for users to find your product. When you fill in the fields appropriately, you'll get a green check-mark next to your entry: 

Uploading Product Images

Uploading Images

 Wish strongly encourages merchants to upload many, high quality images for each product. Uploading multiple high quality photos for your product gives your potential customers the experience of viewing your item from all viewpoints and will increase its’ exposure. There are 3 different methods you can use to upload your images:

  1. Drag & drop
  2. Upload from computer
  3. Image URL

Drag & Drop

Our drag & drop feature is the simplest ways to upload multiple images for your product. Click on the image you would like to add and drag it into the Main Image field. 

You can easily add additional photos for your products by dragging them into the ‘Additional Images’ field below. 

 Add From Your Computer

To add an image from your computer, select ‘Add From Your Computer’ and choose the image you would like to add for the product. 

Add From Web Address

To upload a product image via web address, copy and paste the image If you don't already have the image URL on hand, you can go to a website where it's already listed and right-click on the product image to copy the URL (for more information on how to do this, click here):

Adding Price & Inventory

In this field you will enter the product’s price, quantity, shipping costs and your shipping time. You may select a pre-set shipping time from the date ranges shown; or you may enter it manually if your shipping time is not listed.

Fast and reliable shipping is critical to customer satisfaction. The faster you fulfill and ship your orders securely; the more exposure your item will receive. Adding multiple, high quality images for your products one of the best ways to increase the product’s exposure and the number of impressions.

Adding Colors & Sizes 
The best way to increase sales is to ensure your products have proper size and color information. Products that have correct sizing and color information sell more on the Wish platform.

Why? Customers trust products that have complete information about size and color options. They are much more likely to buy a product when they can select the size and color they prefer prior to purchase. Luckily adding colors and sizes to your product is easy:

Simply check the box next to the color you would like to add. You may also add additional colors into the ‘Other’ field and it will appear in this section, take for example Black & White.

 Adding sizes is just as easy:

First select the type of product you are uploading, i.e. apparel, electronics, etc. As you select the appropriate category, the size chart will adjust in order to show the appropriate sizing. Once you have selected the product category, click the boxes next to the sizes that you would like to list for this product.

Product Variations

This field will auto generate the product information you have entered above:

Here, you can adjust the price and quantity of each variation. Let’s say you do not have size S for the multicolor. Simply adjust the quantity to 0.

Adding Optional Product Attributes 

Add more information to your item, expand the optional information section. Here, you can add the MSRP, brand name, landing page URL and UPC. Click on the corresponding field to add an attribute to your item.

Now submit to upload your new product!

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