What are the optional attributes for products?

The following attributes are not required in order to list your product on Wish. You may choose to add these attributes to increase the quality of your products on Wish:



Type: Price
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. This field is recommended as it will show as a strike-thru price on Wish and appears above the selling price for the product.
It should contain no additional text.


  • Acceptable: $19.00
  • Acceptable: 19.99
  • Unacceptable: 19.99 + S/H

Note: An MSRP is a proven method of improving sales and interest on Wish.



Type: String
Brand or manufacturer of your product. If Branding is included in the product title, description etc. You will need to prove an "Authorization to Sell" under the Account tab on the merchant dashboard.


  • Acceptable: Nike
  • Acceptable: Sony


Landing Page URL

Type: URL
URL on your website containing the product detail and buy button for the applicable product. Please append analytics tracking codes at the end of your click-out URLs if applicable. We do not accept URLs that begin with https://.


  • Acceptable:
  • Unacceptable:


Extra Image URL

Type: URL
URL of a photo of your product. Link directly to the image, not the page where it is located. Same rules apply as Image URL (Default Image). You can specify up to 20 images separated by the character '|'.


  • Acceptable:
  • Acceptable:
  • Unacceptable: https://www.your
  • Unacceptable:



Type: String
12-digit Universal Product Codes (UPC) contains no letters or other characters. A barcode symbology used for tracking trade items in stores and scanning them at the point of sale.


  • Acceptable: 716393133224
  • Unacceptable: asdf884445ds


Parent Unique Id/Parent SKU

Type: String
The Parent Unique Id identifies one product. A product can be comprised of multiple items (variations) and therefore multiple rows. The Parent Unique Id groups all size and/or color variations within a single product listing. Please keep the same Parent Unique Id for any updates to this item in future feeds.'s system uses this Parent Unique Id to identify, track, update, and report on this item.

Note: The Parent Unique Id is required if you're uploading a product with variations. Please see this article if you need help creating a feed with variations.


  • Acceptable: TG-088
  • Acceptable: HSC0424PP
  • Acceptable: 112123343455432
  • Unacceptable: 2
  • Unacceptable: anything 50 characters or more



Type: String
The size of the product, especially as it pertains to apparel, footwear, or jewelry. Each size variation must be its own row in the feed, have its own unique SKU, and its own inventory level. It must be either a number like 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5..., or one of "XXXS", "XXS", "XS", "S", "M", "L", "XL", "XXL", "XXXL", "XXXXL", "4XL", "5XL", "Single", "Twin", "Double", "Full", "Queen", "King", "Super King" or "California King". Sizing specifications can be found here.


  • Acceptable: S
  • Acceptable: XXL
  • Acceptable: 6
  • Acceptable: 6.5
  • Unacceptable: small
  • Unacceptable: S, M



Type: String
The color of the product, especially as it pertains to apparel or jewelry. Each color variation must be its own row in the feed, have its own unique SKU, and its own inventory level. If you would like to have it show two colors (eg "black and red"), simply separate the colors by "&" (eg "black & red"). Note: not to be confused with products having two different colored variations. The name of the color must be in the list of currently accepted colors found here.


  • Acceptable: red
  • Acceptable: black & blue
  • Unacceptable: red, blue
  • Unacceptable: black & blue & green


Shipping Time

Type: String
The amount of time it takes for the shipment to reach the buyer. Please also factor in the time it will take to fulfill and ship the item. Provide a time range in number of days. Lower bound cannot be less than 2 days.


  • Acceptable: 2-5
  • Acceptable: 7-21
  • Unacceptable: 1-2
  • Unacceptable: 0


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