What attributes are required for products?

The following attributes are required in order to list your product on Wish:

Main Image URL
Type: URL
URL of a photo of your product. Link directly to the image, not the page where it is located. We accept JPEG, PNG or GIF format. Do not include company logos or names or promotional or other identifying text. Images should be at least 100 x 100 pixels in size. Do not include any "image not found" images. We do not accept image URLs that begin with https://. Check out this article if you need help finding and copying an image URL.


  • Acceptable:
  • Acceptable:
  • Unacceptable: https://www.your
  • Unacceptable:

Type: Price
The price of your product that will be displayed on, without additional text. This is how much the customer will pay for the product.


  • Acceptable: $100.99
  • Acceptable: 10.99
  • Unacceptable: $49.99 + S/H

Product Name
Type: String
Use the following template to build your product names: Main brand + Sub-brand, family or product name + Up to 3 key attributes + Generic product type. Product Names must be clear and concise and should also be descriptive of the product being sold. This template will help consumers identifying your product.


  • Acceptable: Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera (Body Only) USA MODEL
  • Acceptable: Sony VAIO 15" Laptop
  • Unacceptable: Best Price!!! ***CHEAP*** Baby Stroller!!!

Type: Integer
Number of this SKU that are in stock. Please use inventory buffering for Wish specified inventory.


  • Acceptable: 1200
  • Acceptable: 0
  • Acceptable: 4
  • Unacceptable: In stock
  • Unacceptable: Out of Stock

Type: Price
Estimated GROUND shipping cost per product. This is what Wish pays the Merchant for shipping the product. Should not contain any additional text.


  • Acceptable: 4.00
  • Acceptable: $4.99
  • Unacceptable: $4.99 + S/H

Type: String
Non-hierarchical keyword or term assigned to each product in your feed. This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be categorized and found again by browsing or searching on Select up to 5 per product. Tags should be comma separated, but do NOT use commas in individual tags. The more tags you add, and the more accurate your tags, the better the chances our users will find your products. There is a maximum of 10 tags allowed per product, if you add more than 10 the product will fail to upload.


  • Acceptable: Gaming, Toys & Games, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Backpack, Backpacks
  • Acceptable: Women's Fashion, Jewelry & Watches
  • Acceptable: Men's Fashion, Suits, Mafia, Silk Tie, Ties
  • Unacceptable: Clearance Items
  • Unacceptable: Cheap Cheap Cheap
  • Unacceptable (Too many tags): Fashion, Suits, Ties, Silk Ties, Men's Suits, Italian Made Suits, Italian, Men's Fashion, Hand Crafted, Silk, High Quality

Parent Unique Id/Parent SKU

Type: String
The Parent Unique Id identifies one product. A product can be comprised of multiple items (variations) and therefore multiple rows. The Parent Unique Id groups all size and/or color variations within a single product listing. Please keep the same Parent Unique Id for any updates to this item in future feeds.'s system uses this Parent Unique Id to identify, track, update, and report on this item.

*Note: The Parent Unique Id is required if you're uploading a product with variations. Check out this guide if you need help creating a feed with variations.


  • Acceptable: TG-088
  • Acceptable: HSC0424PP
  • Acceptable: 112123343455432
  • Unacceptable: 2
  • Unacceptable: anything 50 characters or more

Unique Id/SKU

Type: String
Provide the Unique Id/SKU you use internally to identify this item. This represents a single item/variation (size and/or color) of your product. The Unique Id serves to identify the variations within one item listing (product). These variations are generally size and/or color variations. Please keep this same Unique Id for any updates to this item variation in future feeds.'s system uses this Unique Id to identify, track, update, and report on this item variation. Note: Must be under 50 characters


  • Acceptable: TG-088_Mint_XS
  • Acceptable: HSC0424PP1
  • Acceptable: 112123343455432-XXL
  • Unacceptable: 2
  • Unacceptable: anything 50 characters or more


Type: String
A detailed description of your product. Limit of 4,000 characters, and only the first 150 characters are displayed on the initial search page. Do not include any HTML code, details about store policies, other store-specific language or multiple lines. 'New line' characters (such as 'enter' or 'return') will cause problems with your file. Information about size, fit, and measurements are helpful for apparel items.


  • Acceptable: This Hello Kitty ruffled dress is 100% cotton and fits true to size.
  • Unacceptable: This < b>Hello Kitty ruffled dress< /b> is 100% cotton and < i>fits true to size< /i>.


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