What metrics and analytics are available to me?

This node will explain the metrics and analytics that you have access to through the Wish Merchant Dashboard. When you login to the Merchant Dashboard, the first thing you see will be a basic metrics page. This page shows you your average fulfillment time and compares this to the rest of the merchants on Wish:

The top of the page will also display totals in the following data sets: number of wishes on your products, number of impressions on your product listings, number of purchases, and number of notifications we have sent to users about your products. Below this you will find a series of graphs for the same data sets. These graphs show the trends for the past week:

To see more in-depth analytics, click on Reports > Analytics from the top nav bar. This will take you to Here's what you'll see if you have wishes and product impressions toggled on:

You can also toggle on/off the other categories to place them together on the graph. This may help you see trends, like how notifications may influence wishes or impressions:

You can also compare the amount of purchases to your products' wishes and impressions:

Note that you can also graph the data specific to certain product by searching for it in the box titled "Search Products." To modify your display, you can also adjust the date ranges or the time scale (days/weeks/months) for the graph.

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