How do I add products?

Adding Products

Gain fast exposure and traction for your Wish Merchant Store by adding a collection of your most wanted products. Adding multiple, high quality items to your store when you first sign up will only increase your overall exposure and impressions to over 50 million of our customers worldwide. You can upload your products one of three ways – manually, CSV feed file, or API. We recommend merchants who are new to the platform first manually uploading their products in order to get familiar with the process and platform.

Add Products Manually

Begin by manually uploading several of your top selling products. Research shows that new merchants uploading at least 10 high quality products are much more likely to see sales within their first 2 weeks on Wish.

Log in to your merchant account at From the top menu, click Products > Add New Products > Manual. This will take you to: On this page you will enter the product’s basic information, images, inventory, colors, sizes, and costs.

You can also add additional attributes to your product like MSRP, Brand, UPC and landing page URL. These additional attributes typically improve sales for products.

After you have manually uploaded your products and become familiar with the Wish Merchant Dashboard, try uploading multiple products at once via CSV feed file or API.

Add Products through CSV Feed File

Add multiple products at once by uploading a feed using the Add Products tool through Products > Add New Products > Product CSV File. You can create a CSV file through applications like Microsoft Excel and Google Drive. 

For more explanation on how to upload your products to a CSV file, including a CSV template for you to try, click here

Add Products through API

Wish also supports API product upload. To learn more, and to get started uploading your products via API, click here.

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