How can I improve my shipping time?

One of the best ways to be a successful merchant on the Wish platform is to provide accurate and fast shipping to your customers. Merchants who have fast shipping with valid tracking information will get more sales, more Wish exposure, more impressions and may be featured in one of our promotional materials. 

Wish tracks a store's shipping accuracy and time through a variety of different metrics and data points. A store that has good ratings across the board will get more exposure and sales. Stores that do poorly by Wish's shipping metrics may get fewer sales and may even be suspended from selling on Wish.

Below is an explanation of Wish’s shipping metrics, and guidance on how a store can improve their shipping time:  

Fulfillment time
Fulfillment time tracks from the time when a customer purchases the item to when the store marks the item as shipped.
Stores can improve this metric by processing orders quickly, ideally within 2 days. As soon as you see an item appear in your Action Required tab, pack it up and ship it out.

Confirmed tracking time
Confirmed tracking time marks the time from when the item is purchased by the user to when Wish confirms the tracking number and carrier the store provides to track the item.    

Stores can improve this metric by following two steps:    

1. Ship the product at the same time you mark the product as shipped. If you mark the product as shipped before you actually ship it, there will be time when your tracking number is unconfirmed, and this will hurt this metric.

2. Use a shipping service that will ship products faster. Merchants who use slow shipping services will see lower numbers in this metric, and are encouraged to seek out more efficient shipping carriers to lower your tracking confirmation time.

Shipping Time
Shipping time measures the time from when the item is marked as shipped to when the item is confirmed delivered
Stores can improve this metric in two main ways:    

1.     Pack your items in a way that will have them move efficiently through international customs.
2.     Select a good shipping service that will have your items move quickly and efficiently to their destination.

Time to Door
Time to door measures from the moment the order is placed from the time it is confirmed delivered. This metric is a composite metric that combines all the above statistics into one. The best way to improve this metric is to improve all other ones mentioned above.

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