How to add a return center

Return centers are destinations that consumers can return their products to. You can only add a return center to the United States at this time. When a consumer who had a product shipped to the US wishes to return it, they will be sent a label with the address that you provided.

You can add a new return center or update currently existing return centers by going through the following steps:

1. Go to your "Shipping Settings"

2. Go to "Your Return Center"

3. Select "Add a New Country"

4. Select the country you wish to add a center for.

NOTE: Only return centers in the United States are currently accepted.

5. Put in the information for your center. Please double check everything is correct.

6. Press "Add" and you will receive a confirmation pop up.

7. You will see your saved return center on the same page. If you wish to, you can update or delete it.

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