What is Wish's Item Not Matching Listing Policy?

Merchants will be penalized for shipping items that do not match product listing

Consumer satisfaction is important to Wish customers. Customers expect to receive items that match the product listing with the correct size and color ordered.

Most Wish merchants work hard to ship the correct products to users. However, a very small of merchants on Wish do not provide accurate listing and ship products that do not match the product listing to users.


Item not Matching Listing Policy:

The merchant is responsible for 100% of the cost of the refund if the user requested a refund because the item does not match the product listing at the time the order was placed. The merchant is also responsible for 100% of the cost of the refund if the wrong color or size is shipped.

To avoid refunds for product not matching its listing, provide accurate product listings at the time of upload. The title, images and description of the product should describe the product being sold accurately. It is essential to not misrepresent the product to the users or lead them to believe the product has more features than what is available.


Examples of when merchant will be responsible for 100% of the cost of refund under this policy:


  1. Product is different from product listing
    Product title is “Women’s Summer Sleeveless Dress” and product image matches title.
    Item shipped is men’s jeans.

  2. Product description does not describe product accurately
    Product description for a watch states that the watch has blue backlights, but the watch shipped does not have backlights available.

  3. Product size does not match size user ordered
    User ordered size S but merchant shipped an item of size XS.

  4. Product color does not match color user ordered
    User ordered the color Black but merchant shipped an item of color White.


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