How do I select my size?

If the product comes in multiple sizes, there should be a dropdown menu on the product page that will allow you to select your size. Select the size you want and then tap Buy.

Some products may be one-size only. If so, you do not need to select a size and can tap Buy.

You can check the information listed in the description of the product for sizing information and measurements. This description is underneath the main image of the product.

If there is no sizing information listed, you can complete the order and then contact the store to request your size.

To Contact the Store

  1. Go to your Order History (on the website, this is
  2. Tap on "Contact Support" for the order you need assistance with. 
  3. Select the items you are inquiring about. 
  4. Choose the topic "Size/Color Preference."
  5. Request the size you need and tap "Ask Question." 
 This will open a support question with the store. If they are unable to respond within 1-2 days, the Wish Support Team will step in to resolve your issue.
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