Where is my package? What is the status of my order?

If you want to check the status or shipping ETA of your order, you can find this information on your Order History page.

Check Order History Page
In the mobile app, you can find this page by going to Order History and clicking the big blue "Track Package" button.

On the website, you can find this page by going to and clicking on "Track Package" in the appropriate item box. 

Both pages will display the same information:

Status: Preparing to Ship, Shipped, or Refunded
This is displayed prominently and is highlighted in a color

Tracking Number: You can click this tracking number to track your package.
- If your package is shipping to the US, you can use this tracking number on!input.action to track your package.
- If your package is shipping to a country that is not the US, you can paste this tracking number on

Please note that if you access the tracking page before the package has arrived in your country, the page may say "not found."  This is because the package may not be able to be tracked until it reaches your country, as the tracking number may only be applicable for the local carrier in your country. 


Contact Support with Questions

If you have any further questions about the status or shipping ETA of your order, you can contact our support team directly from your Order History page:

  1. Tap on “Contact Support.”
  2. Tap on the certain items you are inquiring about.
  3. Select the topic "Shipping Status or ETA."
  4. Describe your issue/query and tap “Ask Question.”
This will open a support question with our customer service team. We should be able to respond within 1-2 days.
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  • Avatar
    Portia Duma

    Never received all my orders up to this far no notification as to what happened order history has nothing.I am requesting a refund. YT1833390005207408, RW056672532CN

  • Avatar
    Ann Emery

    My acct stays closed, don’t know the two order numbers and Christmas 2017 is over so it no longer matters becuz your business does poor business

  • Avatar
    Aziz Mache

    i didn't receive my order over one year now, i never trust team again

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