How do I update my ACH payment settings?

One way for you to get payments from Wish is to use ACH payments. Setting your ACH payment information is quick, easy and allows Wish to pay you effectively and on time.
There is no set-up charge or monthly fee for this payment option, and no percentage fees like other credit card providers. Merchants will be charged $0.49 per ePayment. However, you must have a US bank account to be eligible for this payment method.

To set up your account, just follow these instructions: 

Step 1: Update Your Payment Settings on Wish
To establish or change your payment settings, click on Account > Payment Settings. From here, you can choose and click "Update Payment Information" once you are finished. 



Step 2: Check Your Email

Once you have updated your payment information, check your email for a message from with the subject line, 'WISH by ContextLogic, Inc. wants to pay electronically using'.

Click the 'Accept Invitation' link to enter your account & company information:



Once you have finished entering your account & company information, click to get started.

Step 3: Connect to Wish to be paid through

After you click to get started, you will again be prompted to check your email:

Check your email again for a message from with the subject line, 'Finish connecting to get paid by ContextLogic, Inc.'

Click 'Login here' in order to login to your account and connect to Wish:

Select 'Connect' and you will be prompted to enter your customer information in order to receive payments from Wish through




Step 4: Login to your account and enter your US bank account in order to receiving ACH direct deposits from Wish

Once you have connected with Wish, login to your account and enter your US bank information. To do this, navigate to Settings > Overview > Your Company > Bank Accounts > Set up new bank

Once you have added your bank account, will confirm your US bank account normally between 2 - 3 business days then you'll be all set to receive ePayments from Wish!  


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