How have feed uploads changed?

We have separated out different actions into different feeds for ease and simplicity. You can now edit multiple products by uploading a feed file that lists only the Unique ID and the attribute(s) you want to edit. Adding products remains the same.

  • To add multiple products: Products > Add Products > Feed File
  • To edit multple products: Products > Edit Products > Feed File
  • To update inventory for multiple products: Products > Update Inventory > Feed File
  • To add size or color to existing products: Products > Add Size/Color

Each method will only perform one action. For example, you cannot add a new product in the edit feed file. Likewise, you cannot edit products in the add feed file.

Adding with a Feed File

Please note that adding products has not changed. To read up on how to add your products with a feed file, click here.

Editing with a Feed File

The only required attribute for editing is the "Unique Id"; all other fields are optional and will edit the product attached to the "Unique Id." If there is no product found with the "Unique Id" provided, then that row will error. To read up on how to edit your products with a feed file, click here.

Important Note: You can use the same feed file to edit products that you used to add products. Make changes to the original file and then re-upload using the Edit Products tool. For example, to update inventory, adjust levels in the "Quantity" column of the original file and upload.

Updating Inventory with a Feed File

You can update inventory using a feed file with one column for "Unique Id" and one for "Quantity". To read up on how to update inventory using a feed file, click here
Adding Size/Color Variants with a Feed File

Adding size and color variants to your products has also remained the same. To read up on how to add size and colors variations to your existing products, click here.

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