How does the review system work?

Buyer Leaves a Review

After you ship an order to a buyer, Wish asks the buyer to review their experience with your store. This includes the delivery time, whether the item matched your description and pictures, if they received good service, and any other comments they want to share about the order. The buyer also must rate your store on a scale of 1-5; if a buyer leaves a low score of 1 or 2 stars, they must provide comments on why they rated so low.

Here's how that page appears to that user:

Wish will ask for a buyer's review only after the item should have been delivered to their address. This is determined by the shipping time you set for your products, so it's important to set realistic shipping times

Merchant Receives the Review

You can view all your reviews from the Merchant Dashboard by clicking on Reviews from the top nav bar:

Merchant Responds to Reviews

You can privately respond to any review from your customers.

To respond to a review, click on the Actions button and then Contact User. This will open a ticket with that user about the product. This method will allow you to resolve any issues there may have been with the product.

While reviews are permanent, the buyer will be able to edit any review they leave. This means that you can salvage a poor review by contacting the user and resolving any issues.

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