How do I respond to support tickets?

This node will explain how you can respond to tickets in order to provide customer service to your customers. We ask that merchants respond to tickets in a timely manner, within 1 to 5 days.


We will notify you once a day when you have new tickets or tickets that require action from you. This notification will arrive via email to the address you provided. When you login to the Merchant Dashboard, you will also see a red notification by the Support Tickets tab. The number indicates the number of tickets that are new or require action from you:

To view your tickets, click on Support Tickets > Action Required from the top nav bar. This will take you to

Responding to the Ticket

Click on the view button at the end of the row to view the ticket. On the next page, you will see all the information related to the ticket:

It is from this view that you can begin responding to the ticket. (Sometimes, you may receive a ticket from someone who speaks a language other than English. In this case, you can use Google Translate to help you understand the user's request. If that does not help, do not hesitate to ask the user to rephrase their question in English for you.) To respond to the ticket, type in the empty field below the user's message:

When you are done composing your message, click the blue Reply button.

Editing Shipping Address

A user may open a ticket for their order so they can update their shipping address. To update the user's shipping address, click on the Edit Shipping Address button in the top right corner of the ticket:

This will pop up a modal from which you can edit the shipping address. Click submit to save the changes: 

To provide excellent customer service, you can also respond to the user's ticket and confirm that you have updated the shipping information.

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