What information do I see on support tickets?

This node will explain how to use the Wish Support Ticket system. This system is how you communicate with customers and how customers communicate with you.

To view your tickets, click on Support Tickets > Action Required from the top nav bar. This will take you to

Click on the View button at the end of the row to view the ticket. On the next page, you will see all the information related to the ticket:


Ticket Information


: This is the unique identified assigned to this particular ticket. You can use this ID to look up the ticket from the tickets section in the Merchant Dashboard.
Open Date: This is the date the customer opened the ticket.
Last Update Time: This is the last time you or the customer has responded to this ticket.
Status: This shows whether the ticket is awaiting your response or the customer's response.
Label: This gives a succinct summary of the reason the ticket was opened. This allows you to prioritize certain types of tickets, such as returns or changes to the shipping address. You can also sort by ticket label.

Transaction Information

: This is the unique identifier assigned to this particular transaction. You can use this ID to lookup the transaction from the transactions section in the Merchant Dashboard.
Purchase Date: This is the date the transaction was completed by the user.
Time Since Purchase: This shows the amount of time that has passed since the transaction occurred.
Is Gift: This indicates whether or not the item was purchased as a gift.


Name: This is your merchant name.
BD Rep: This is the name of your Wish representative.



ID: This is the user ID of the customer. Clicking on the user ID will direct you to their profile page on Wish.
Name: The name of the buyer.
Date Joined: The date the buyer joined Wish.
Profile Picture: The buyer's Wish user profile picture, if available.

Ship To

This is the buyer's shipping address as they entered it. From this section you can edit shipping information by clicking on Edit Shipping Information.

Affected Items

This displays the products the user is inquiring about or needs assistance with. From this row you can view order details or mark the order as shipped (and provide tracking information).


This is the message the user has written to you about this order or product. From this section you can reply to the user's ticket or close the user's ticket once it has been resolved.

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