How do I improve my buy button clicks?

The "buy button clicks" in your Sales Performance tab indicate however many users have seen your item and clicked the "buy" button on the item description page. This is the first step that the user takes to purchase an item after they've viewed it on their device. 

If your items are getting a lot of views and not a lot of buy button clicks, that means that users are looking at your item but ultimately decided not to add it to their carts. 

Here are a few helpful ways you can update your items to improve your buy button clicks:

  • Reduce the price of your item
  • Add an MSRP to your item that is higher than the item's cost, creating a sale on the item
  • Add descriptive and accurate pictures of many different angles of the item (for example, a shirt should have a photo of the front and the back)
  • Add accurate sizing information. For example, if your item is in S/M/L, add centimeter descriptions of what each size means. If you sell shoes, please note which country's sizing chart you use. 
  • Add more sizes. You might want to consider adding XL, XXL, or XXXL if you have clothing, or larger and smaller shoe sizes (13+) if you sell shoes.
  • Having an accurate and low shipping time

You can edit all these items through your feed file or manually update your items with the following links: 

Now get selling! 

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