Customer Service

Merchants are expected to provide customer service to the users who request assistance with their orders. Merchants carry out their customer service through our contact seller feature (the ticket system). Once a user places an order on Wish, they are able to contact the merchant about their order by opening a ticket. A user may contact the merchant for the following reasons: 

  • to remove a certain product from their order
  • to specify or request a different size or color
  • to change their shipping address
  • to inquire about the status of their order
  • to ask for a shipping ETA or tracking link
  • to report a defective, damaged, or missing item in their order
  • to initiate a return, exchange, or refund of their order

Merchants should respond to users in a timely manner, i.e., within a few business days of the user opening a ticket or sending a message. 

Merchants can also contact the user about their order through the same ticket system. This allows merchants to proactively inform users about delays, shipping and tracking information, sold out products, and other details related to the order. 

The following customer service practices, however, will not be tolerated on Wish:

  • requesting the customer's PayPal account information
  • requesting the customer to pay your store through a PayPal account
  • knowingly provide the customer with false information regarding the product ordered or the estimated delivery time
  • disrespecting a customer in any way 

Wish believes in its merchants and encourages merchants to resolve their own customer service issues according to their store policies. Since the transaction is between the merchant and the user, Wish will only intervene in a customer service matter if it cannot be or has not already been resolved by the merchant.

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