What happens after I sell an item?

How will I know that I've made a sale?

Wish sends you daily emails letting you know how many orders you have waiting to be fulfilled. Also, you can always log on to the Merchant Dashboard and go to Orders > Action Required and to see all unfulfilled orders.

How do I fulfill my order?

To fulfill your order, go to Orders > Action Required. You can fulfill your orders one by one, in bulk, by uploading a CSV, or via Shipstation. Here, you can view transaction details, export your transactions, contact the buyer, and marked orders as "shipped." Click here for more information about fulfilling orders.

How will I get paid?

Wish will pay you via PayEco (易联支付) or Click here for more information about setting up payment.

Is the sold item removed from my store?

When you sell on item on Wish, your inventory will automatically update. You can see item inventory by going to Products > View All Products. Click here to learn about how to update and edit inventory.

How do I contact the buyer?

You can contact the buyer using the Support Ticket tool. The easiest way to contact a buyer is from the Action Required page under Actions. Once you open a ticket, you can find it under Support Tickets > Awaiting User. When the buyer replies or if the the buyer contacts you first, the ticket will show up under Support Tickets > Action Required. Click here to learn more about Support Tickets.

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