How do I configure my shipping settings?

This node will explain shipping on Wish, including the shipping policy, the shipping settings you can choose from, and how to set or change your shipping preferences.

Click Here! if you want to edit the shipping time for certain products.

About Shipping

As a merchant on Wish, you can choose one of three different shipping options: Ship to US, Ship Worldwide, and Ship to Selected Countries.

Fast and reliable shipping is critical to customer satisfaction. We ask that you fulfill orders in 1-5 days, ship items using a trusted package delivery company, and provide a valid tracking number for the shipment. Orders that are not shipped within 7 days of purchase will be refunded automatically.

Updating Shipping Settings

To establish or change your shipping settings, click on Account > Shipping Settings from the top nav bar on the Merchant Dashboard. This will take you to Here, you can select: Ship to US, Ship Worldwide, or Ship to Selected Countries. Be sure to click Update after you're finished to save your shipping settings.

If you choose Ship to US, items from your store can be purchased only by customers from the United States. The shipping cost you set for your products is the cost of shipping to customers in the US only.

If you choose Ship Worldwide, items from your store can be purchased by customers worldwide. The shipping cost you set is the cost of shipping to customers in any of the countries that Wish supports. Keep in mind that these countries include those in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Australia.

If you choose Ship to Selected Countries, items from your store can be purchased by customers from the countries that you select only. This allows you to choose the countries your store can ship to, and it also allows you to set a different shipping cost for each selected country.

  • Click + Add more countries (see blue arrow below) to add additional rows and then select countries from the drop-down menu. 
  • Fill out the shipping cost next to each, or leave shipping cost blank.
  • If you leave the field blank, the shipping cost for that country will default to the shipping cost you set when you first uploaded your items to Wish. 
  • You can set only one shipping cost per country. This shipping cost will apply to all of the items in your store. 
  • Click the minus sign (orange arrow) to the right of Shipping Cost to remove a country. 
  • Make sure to click Update (green arrow) to save your settings!
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