Why does my tracking link say "not found"?

If you access the tracking page before the package has arrived in your country, the page may say "not found."  This is because the package may not be able to be tracked until it reaches your country, as the tracking number may only be applicable for the local carrier in your country. You may also see "not found" if the item has *just* shipped or if the tracking ID has *just* been created. Please allow a few days for the tracking link to update for you; you should see tracking information on this page within a week of the shipment's departure.

If your tracking link still says "not found" after several weeks, please contact our support team from your Order History Page:

  1. Tap on “Contact Support.”
  2. Tap on the items you are inquiring about.
  3. Select the topic "Shipping Status or ETA."
  4. Describe your issue/query and tap “Ask Question.”

This will open a support question with our support team. We should be able to respond within 1-2 days.

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